ADaM Accounts Payable
ADaM Enhancements
Invoice Processing

Accounts payable invoice entry has been designed to optimize accuracy and minimize effort when processing vendor invoices. Using the purchase order to accounts payable interface, the process can be greatly enhanced and automated with invoice to purchase order match up and discrepancies reported. Intelligent terms calculate due dates and discounts, automated general distribution make the invoice entry process quick and easy.

Payment Selection

With automated payment selection, the process of managing your accounts payable and automating payments is a breeze. Payment priority codes allow the accounts payable to be sorted by due dates and payment priority so that the most important checks get issued first. Flexible editing allows for invoices to be added or removed to create the exact list of invoices to pay. Partial payment options are provided as well as potential discount logic to make the most flexible payment selection process.

Check Writer

The Check Writer feature provides an easy way to process one or few checks at a time. Manual checks that have been hand written can be entered here to record payment, but the true power of the Check Writer is evident when you want to process a single check for an incoming C.O.D. for example. The Check Writer also allows for 'non' vendor checks.

Check Inquiry

The Check Inquiry allows checks to 'looked up' by a variety of ways. Checks can be easily found by check number or by employing a filter to the check file, checks can be 'filtered' by vendor, by amount, by date and a variety of other ways. The check inquiry provides a great way to 'dig into' your check history and analyze or research check information. Each check can be 'drilled' into and displayed with invoices paid by that check.

Aged Trial Balance Preview

Throughout the ADaM Accounts Payable system, the reports and listing can be previewed for printing. And for implementing a 'paperless' office, reports such as the A/P Aged Trial Balance can be 'archived' and retrieved for print at any time. The preview option is a great way to view a report and search information without wasting paper and time to look through all the pages to find what you're looking for.