ADaM Customer Processing
ADaM Enhancements

The customer profile information provides additional information about the customer to serve the customer better. Information like 'Does the customer require a purchase order to be used?' or 'Does the customer use their own part numbers when ordering?'. Customer shipping account numbers and product application help the customer with ordering and serving the customer better.


Customer credit information provides accounting controls for accounts receivable management and credit exposure. The credit status, credit limit, credit terms and credit notes provide accounting information while customer orders are being taken so that a customer's account can be managed in a proactive mode.


Unlimited contacts by customer provides information that makes working with your customers more personal. Information like e-mail address, multiple phone numbers and notes allows for personalized service and target marketing to your customer.


Customer comments provide a unique opportunity to automatically 'attach' customer specific comments to pick tickets, sales orders, quotations or invoices. Internal dated comments are useful as well, to provide general comments about each customer. Standard or 'Canned' comments can be created in advance and used to easily create lengthy comments quickly.


The customer/prospect marketing sub-system provides multiple user defined fields. Marketing information includes contact history, important contact dates, source codes and prospect 'Rating' to determine the next plan of action and priority.

Contact History

Relationship management is dealing with people. When you are organized with your contacts, your business communications are improved. ADaM Contact Management provides the ability to record and schedule contact events and displays a centralized history of all contact events. Contact management gives you the advantage of being informed. ADaM Contact Management will help you improve your relationships with your prospects, customers, and vendors.


A very powerful feature of the contact management and marketing system is the ability to generate form letters or documents 'on the fly' from within the ADaM system. The ADaM Customer system provides an integrated word processor that can be used to 'fill in' the contact and address and produce a letter instantly. The letter or document can then be recorded as contact history with the customer and the full document display is available from the contact history inquiry. These 'form' letters are also excellent to use for A/R collections.

Master Listing

Throughout the ADaM system, reports and listings can be previewed before printing. This ability saves time and paper. The customer master listing is an example of how reports can be printed in the ADaM system. The customer master listing provides the ability to sort the report by account number, name, zip code, etc. The customer master listing provides print format options so that you can print a single line name and address report or print multiple combinations of the information that is available. And if you can't print the report 'exactly' as you like it, the ADaM Report Builder is available for user defined reports.