ADaM General Ledger
ADaM Enhancements
Charts and Graphs

Setting up a general ledger chart of accounts is a simple and yet powerful process with ADaM. General ledger account numbers can have up to five elements to the account number. Each element can represent an organization, division, department, cost center, etc. Automated account structures can create complicated structured account numbers from a simple entry of only a few numbers. Account numbers can be looked up a variety of ways in all applications.

Journal Entry

Entering journal entries with ADaM General Ledger is easy and flexible. The system will keep track of journal entries being entered in balance. Account numbers can be easily looked up. An automated repeat option makes entering posting descriptions, references and amounts even easier. Journals can be created as 'Auto Reversing' for entering accruals. Recurring journals can be created easily from journal 'templates' greatly reducing the tedious task of entering recurring journals every month.

Financial Report Designer

Get the financial reports your want with the awesome power of the ADaM Financial Report Designer. A multitude of financial reports can be created including Income Statements, Balance Sheets and State of Cash Flow. Reports can be created with current month, current year, last year, and budget columns. Do you want to see a 12 month Profit and Loss Statement? No problem with the Financial Report Designer. And when you have the layout you want, then apply any font or style to give your report the 'finished' look.