ADaM General Ledger
ADaM Enhancements

ADaM General Ledger provides the critical financial management function for your company. Allowing real time analysis of vital financial information, ADaM General Ledger helps you to keep up with the constantly changing business environment and stay ahead of your competition. Access to accurate, up-to-date financial data on the operations of your company allows you to identify and emphasize income generating areas, eliminate waste, control spending, and locate areas which are over budget to take corrective action.

General Ledger Features
  • Fully integrated with all ADaM applications
  • Flexible account number structure with up to five elements available
  • G/L account lookup by number, description, or account category
  • Journal entries with recurring or allocation options
  • G/L inquiry with date sensitive account balance, journal detail or transaction activity
  • Powerful Financial Report Writer to customize your financial reports
  • Budgeting system included for financial comparative reports
  • Aged Trial balance with account summary, journal detail, or activity options
  • Easy end of month, end of year closing