ADaM Inventory Control & Management
ADaM Enhancements

Inventory management for distributors is critical to controlling their most important asset. Inventory quantities must be accurate. Re-order calculations should minimize inventory investment but keep customer service levels high. Flexible controls, detailed costing, and product coding provide for unique and complete product information. With real-time interface to other ADaM systems, the ADaM Inventory Control system provides all of this and complete integration.

Inventory Control & Management Features
  • Inventory Look up by Item number, Descriptions, Inventory Type, Wildcard search and much more
  • Master records with extensive coding for lookups, sorting, reporting
  • Alternate item number cross referencing for substitutes, associated items, bar-coding
  • Multiple warehouse system with optional consignment inventory
  • Optional lot or serial controlled inventory items
  • Item attachments for images, documents, web links
  • Inventory activity and history inquiry displays with drill down to original documents
  • Physical and Cycle count Inventory system - manual or barcode scanning
  • Inter-Company Warehouse Transfers
  • Full Bill of Material and Where Used for kits and assemblies
  • Inventory Import utility with mapping for all inventory fields including price and cost
  • Inventory Management system
  • Sporadic and Unusual usage identification
  • Inventory ranking by Gross Profit, Cost of Goods, and Hits
  • Demand forecast and Best Forecast formula
  • Replenishment values by warehouse for order point, order quantity, EOQ, safety stock
  • Recommended purchase report with automatic feed to purchase requirements
 Inventory turns are up. A/R Days Sales Outstanding are down. Cash flow is good and our bottom line is where we budgeted. We can measure productivity in all aspects of our business, even some we thought to be immeasurable.

- Jim Fletcher, President, Pete's Road Service