ADaM Sales Analysis
ADaM Enhancements

Imagine having any year's worth of sales information available at a glance. Now imagine having that sales information by customer, or branch, or item, by item category or customer type. There are many more ways to view your sales information and then choose to view the average sales dollars by invoice or average gross profit by invoice. Finally, for a visual view, you can chart your sales and profit information by any category.

Inquiry Options

Sales information is recorded by month for every year. Sales can be inquired upon or reported on by Branch, Branch/Item, Customer, Customer/Item, by Item and item categories. ADaM sales analysis also includes sales information by the all important salesperson, salesperson and customer, and salesperson and item.


The Sales History report allows you to report on sales by any of the available sales categories including customer, item, salesperson, taken by and all of the other categories mentioned previously. The sales history report will show 12 months of sales history with options to include units sold, cost, gross profit dollars and profit margin. The preview option allows reports to be viewed and optionally printed to paper.


ADaM Sales Analysis can show you sales history in many different forms. Sales history can be displayed by branch, customer, item, salesperson, customer/item, salesperson/customer and many other ways. View by month the average sales dollar per invoice, or average profit per invoice. You can easily display the average profit per invoice for an entire year. Sales analysis inquiry and reports provide the information you need to analyze history and current trends to target and adjust for more profitability.