ADaM Sales Analysis
ADaM Enhancements

ADaM Sales Analysis can show you sales history in many different forms. Sales history can be displayed by branch, customer, item, salesperson, customer/item, salesperson/customer and many other ways. View by month the average sales dollar per invoice, or average profit per invoice. You can easily display the average profit per invoice for an entire year. Sales analysis inquiry and reports provide the information you need to analyze history and current trends to target and adjust for more profitability.

Sales Analysis Features
  • Inquiry with monthly sales, cost of sales, profit dollars and percent display
  • Display average quantity per invoice, average sale per invoice
  • View the current month sales information
  • Reporting includes descending values by customer, item, etc. for 'top ten' analysis
  • Lookups for all sales analysis views for easy access to data
  • Multiple graph methods include line charts, averages, bar charts, and pie charts