ADaM Vendor Processing
ADaM Enhancements

The vendor profile page contains information that facilitates the purchasing process. Buying rules like prepaid freight minimums or minimum order amounts help avoid purchasing mistakes and provide helpful information to get the best buy. Default cost information helps automate your pricing information with the vendor.


Unlimited contacts by vendor provides information that makes working with your vendors more personal and specific. Information like e-mail address, multiple phone numbers and notes provides information to enhance your relationship with the vendor staff.


Vendor comments provide a unique opportunity to automatically 'attach' vendor specific comments or instructions purchase orders. Internal dated comments are useful as well, to provide general comments about each vendor. Standard or 'Canned' comments can be created in advance and used to easily create lengthy comments quickly.


Each vendor can have general ledger accounts assigned based on the default distribution for vendor invoices. This greatly speeds up the invoice entry process and also allows for multiple G/L account numbers to be used as a 'multiple choice' for flexible distribution.


The check history view provides and easy way to view checks that have been issued to the vendor. Each check can be viewed by 'drill down' into a facsimile of the issued check with the invoices paid on that check.