ADaM Vendor Processing
ADaM Enhancements

ADaM Vendor Processing provides detailed information and history about your vendors so that you can make intelligent purchasing decisions. Purchasing profiles can let you know how to get the most from your vendor. Default G/L posting criteria expedites the A/P invoice process. Unlimited comments let you record notes and unique information about each vendor. Enhance your relationship with your vendors with complete information from ADaM Vendor Processing.

Vendor Processing Features
  • Vendor account master maintenance
  • Optional automatic Vendor number assignment
  • Lookup vendors by account number, name, city, zip code, or contact names
  • Unlimited contact names and information per vendor
  • Purchasing profile for minimum orders, rebates, co-ops, and more...
  • Vendor history and statistics for purchases, invoices, payments and adjustments
  • G/L default distribution makes A/P invoicing easy
  • Pay priority provides better accounts payable management
  • Remit-to vendors and temporary vendors allowed
  • Vendor 1099 details and coding for 1099 processing in Accounts Payable
  • Check history available for every vendor with drill down to actual check details